T-Shirt Ripoffs Harming Veterans

Posted by Jim Hartnett on

I just finished reading an article about a large online business that makes great profits by stealing artwork from veteran owned and operated companies such at Ranger Up and Article 15. There are other companies that do the same thing, but this one in particular has been refusing to adjust their policies.  This has a trickle down affect of not just hurting the veteran owned business but the all the veterans that work in those organizations. Additionally, the cost in legal actions will impact the operating cost and eventual cost of merchandise to the consumer.  We ask that before you purchase, you make sure the company you are dealing with is legally selling their merchandise.  Star Spangled, LLC is an authorized provider for any item that can be found on StarSpangled1776.com.  In addition, we own the copyrights to any of the items sold here that we have created.  Unauthorized use of our material may or may not result in legal action- we might just come and collect it personally.  Don't support those that steal from veterans.  Thank you- Jim


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