Orlando Terror

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We want to recognize the terrible event that occurred in Orlando.  The attack in Orlando and the fact that they preyed on a group that does not generally represent American foreign policy should call to attention that Islamic radicals do not attack us based upon our policies abroad- they attack us because of who we are in our entirety.  It will not stop!

Furthermore, the liberal attempt to yet again capitalize from a tragedy to make any correlation with this event to gun control measures is nonsense. People bred to kill will always find away.  The only prevention for this event would have been armed citizens within the nightclub.

After every such event we hear such statements that we should not judge a religion as a whole for the acts of a misguided individual.  Although true, we need to come to the realization that while the far majority of Muslims are peaceful, there is certainly a lack of action and push-back by Muslim peoples within the United States and Muslim dominated "allied" countries.  It's well past time for them to step up to the plate.

Such comments are often labeled as "racist". Besides the fact that such accusations most often demonstrate an ignorance of the definition of the term, they only serve to reinforce aggressive and violent behavior.  Calls to protect our borders, beliefs that a business operated by a Christian family that opposes same sex marriages, or calling attention to the acts of specific groups within the Islamic faith does not equate to hatred of a group.  In fact, it might be noted that Chick-fil-A, a business often attacked by the left for their religious belief system, opened last Sunday to serve families and those working the crime scene in Orlando. 

So as we move forward, I suggest we begin with a honest assessment of who the real enemies of America are at the present.  We need to recognize the causation of what unfolded in Florida is not an inanimate object or our own belief, but a very large group of people hell bent to destroy our culture.  

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