2017 NRA Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA

Posted on 02 May 04:34


The second time I've been able to speak to Oliver North.  The highlight of the event for me. Just a wealth of information and as nice a guy as can be.



R. Lee Ermey- Still a Marine and still a Patriot



No different than on TV. Nice, but all business.  Had the best line of the Leadership Conference calling leftists "Rat Bastards".


LTC West was perhaps the coolest.  Asked if he would run again he responded, "I ran this morning." We were able to see him the next night when we went to dinner before the Hank Williams, Jr concert and he wouldn't divulge.  I tried. 


Mark "Oz" Geist- I figured everyone wanted to talk Benghazi so we spoke about our days as private investigators. What can you really say to a guy that went through the B.S. that he did?


Kris "Tanto" Paronto interview.