Dallas Protests Resulting in the Death of Multiple Officers

Posted by Jim Hartnett on

As I was going to write about the testimony of FBI Director Comey regarding Hillary Clinton's latest Houdini impersonation, protests erupted in multiple cities across the U.S.  In Dallas, at least 11 officers have been shot with 3 reported as deceased. Just before the shooting, the president took to the airwaves and instead of attempting to calm the situation, reinforced such behavior by addressing the Black Lives Matter movement. One would think in the aftermath of the evidence from Ferguson that people would have learned to wait for investigations to conclude prior to protesting a law enforcement, minority involved incident. I wonder if those that still chant, "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" realize that many of us laugh at their ignorance since evidence determined that never occurred in the Brown incident. Brown was responsible for his own death.

It is my hope someday the left will realize their behaviors continue to result in more lives lost, both in the law enforcement community and the very citizens they believe they are protecting. I work quite a bit with the black population and in government housing areas attempting to help the few decent residents in those areas break free from the entrapment of government dependence. In doing so, I see the people that are manipulated by the deceitful people like Al Sharpton who make every issue on of race.The good people want out, but have little skills to maneuver thanks in part to the breakdown in black families, poor education, and little, if any positive roll models.

Although the latest minority involved shootings by police officer look bad on brief video clips, I can put myself into the shoes of the officers involved and realize there could be circumstances where I would fire upon the subjects involved.  Our leaders are intelligent enough to recognize this, but the need to score political points seems to be more important. Until leaders in the black community change to a tactic of honesty and challenge the status quo, violence (primarily black on black) will continue to increase. There will be more police involved shootings as anger will continue to build against law enforcement and more officers will be murdered.  In return, police will patrol minority areas less and when confronting a minority subject be quicker to react aggressively out of their own fear. 

Tonight, there is certainly a wife learning her husband will not be coming home and children not comprehending why their father, who joined a police department to help people, will never be seen from again.





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