Duke Cannon Emergency Heat and Light- Leaf and Leather

Duke Cannon Supply Co

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At an estimated $3.2 Billion in sales, the candle market is one of the largest categories in the gift industry. And mens gifts continue to be a hot trend. It seems logical, therefore, that Duke Cannon should launch a candle line, but we're not launching candles. Instead, we're launching our Emergency Heat + Light Collection, a line of tactical apparatus that delivers immediate illumination and warmth in situations such as: - electricity blackouts - Yukon adventures - UFO attacks - taco nights - hosting the in-laws This wax and wick device offers a non-offensive Tobacco and Leather scent that many folks find very pleasant. In fact, smells like our Leaf and Leather Soap. Made in the USA. 13.5 oz. Approx: 75 hour burn time. OK, its a candle. And with humorous packaging and unique, masculine scents, its also a gifting home run.