About Star Spangled

Star Spangled, LLC is a veteran owned and operated business that opened as a small, side business in the summer of 2014.  Sales were mostly online and at vendor events in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. Our initial goal was to carry items that represent 4 areas we believe have been important to the identity of our country: Freedom & Independence, Competition, Ingenuity & Craftsmanship, and Service & Protection. Those ideals are symbolized in 4 major areas of products we carry: Military & Law Enforcement related apparel and Tactical Gear, Motorcycle Accessories & Biker Apparel, American Sports Fan Merchandise, and miscellaneous items created by entrepreneurs. In late 2015, we opened our first store in the PX shopping facility at Fort Rucker (Home of Army Aviation), Alabama.  In 2016, we relocated to a larger location on Fort Rucker. In January 2017, Star Spangled moved again to a larger location in downtown Enterprise, AL. We are now located at 102. N. Main Street, Enterprise, AL 36330. Our store is located at the intersection of the Boll Weevil monument.

Our Products.

Our Motorcycle line of products represent the freedom of being on the road that only a rider understands.  We hate to admit this, but for most in our generation and those from before us, nothing symbolizes our country like America's pastime- Baseball. That led to our sports related merchandise. Next, we ask what really has made America great? Capitalism!!! We know that's not a popular term on universities today, but it's undeniable that America was built on the concept of research, development, and the transportation of new goods and services to the marketplace. It is what has led us to be the world's strongest economy and created the opportunity to be the world's most charitable country. Finally, Service and Protection.  As veterans, we understand that without our military and law enforcement community the other aspects that identify our country do not happen and are unable to be sustained.

We are authorized to carry each product we carry by either the manufacturer or licensed distributor.

Vendor Events & Festivals.

We are often requested to attend various events to display our merchandise.  If you have an event planned and would like us to attend, please email or call us as early as possible. We'll do our best to attend!