At Your Service Wine Bottle Holder

BigMouth Inc

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A wine holder that's serviced by a bow tied gentleman! This gentleman is at your service and holding your wine!

Bring your wine to Chippendales and not lose a beat! Grab ahold and drink deep, friends! Service Your Wine with a gentleman's helping hand! Wine is a classy drink for classy people. Serving wine at a party is sure to bring all the pomp and splendor that you could ask for, even leaving you feeling as refined as shrimp in a cocktail. Drinking wine is not just good for parties, as drinking wine at home brings the party with every glass! But storing wine can be an issue, because wine bottles are tall and demand a place of honor. Shouldn't your bottle be at your service and ready to go whenever you wish it to be? Well, with the At Your Service Wine Holder, your wine is at the ready with a little help from a little gentleman with a bow tie.

This nameless man is waiting on YOU with a bottle of something delicious and sweet. Drink In The Lap Of Luxury From This Lap Of Luxury! The At Your Service Wine Holder brings a touch of class for any occasion. This is how service should be Greek figured and smiling, with a steady flow of wine. Your friends will find themselves thrilled to have such a beautiful specimen of a man tending to all their drinking needs! His greatest feature? All men of service should be seen and not heard. The At Your Service Wine Holder will always be there for when you need to be topped off? in more ways than one. So when you have a thirst for a tall, dark drink of water, look no further than the At Your Service Wine Holder!


  • Plastic wine holder
  • Fun way to display wine
  • Holds a 750 ml bottle
  • Attractive gift box
  • Great gift idea
  • Made of resin
  • 8.5 x 4.5 x 8 inches