Gold Bullet Valve Caps (2 Pk)

Dealer Leather

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Choose from our selection of great unique and creative screw caps so you will find the ones perfect for every drive. Make sure you fully detail your ride to express who you are as a rider with our unique valve stem caps. No one will be a match for you. Created from high quality materials to give you screw caps to keep your screws from getting rusted and worn down. Built to the standard size, you'll be able to screw them on with ease on most American and imported vehicles. Keep your ride classy with your style.

Styles Available:

  • Black Spades
  • USA Flag
  • Hand Grenade- Metallic Green, Blue, Black or Silver
  • Chrome Skull & Crossbones
  • Chrome Skull
  • Gold Bullet
  • Black Chopper
  • 8 Ball