HUMVEE Combat USMC Neck Knife


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This Mini USMC Survival Knife from Humvee provides all the benefits of the standard issue Marine fixed blade in a small package. At just 6" long this makes the perfect everyday carry neck knife.Not only is it great for protection against wildlife but it is a great tool for cutting with this razor sharp 3.5-inch blade. This very easy to use blade can withstand some of the most demanding situations out in the wild, making it something that should always be on your person when traveling in the woods. Grab this Humvee USMC Mini Survival Knife to be prepared for anything mother nature throws at you. HUMVEE has become the backbone of U.S. forces around the world. Our HUMVEE gear is modeled after equipment that is depended on in the rigors of battle. These products are designed to survive the most demanding situations while still remaining simple and easy to use. 

  • Black, 3.5" Stainless Steel Blade in a drop point style
  • Polyurethane Handle for strength and durability
  • Kydex neck sheath for everyday carry
  • Ball-chain cord for attaching to sheath
  • Weight: 1.34 oz.