Large Round Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate - 13" Diameter

Salt Rox

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Infuse your meats, fish, and poultry with a premium robust flavor. The Salt Rox Himalayan 13-inch Salt Plate is great for grilling outdoors or indoors, adding extra flavor to your food items during the cooking process. The 13 inch diameter round is generously sized to accommodate even the largest of steaks, fish fillets, and chicken! With a noticeable thickness, the Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate will do a great job of preventing excess food from falling through your grill plates. Its versatility can be used for indoor or outdoor grilling, baking, or even serving. With the Salt Rox Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate, your family will wonder what the big secret is to making such delicious meats.


  • Safety tested
  • Natural antimicrobials
  • 13 inch diameter round salt plate
  • Enhances foods with flavor during cook process
  • Use with grills (indoor/outdoor), baking, serving