Modern Tattoo Metal Grey Soft Cotton Women's T-Shirt

Hot Leathers

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  • Soft, Metal grey T-Shirt for women
  • Featuring skulls and roses over the right side
  • The left side reads the following:
    • If I want to ride I will, And do it well. If I want to relax on the back that's my choice too. You may find me strong willed, loud at times, unladylike. That's your problem, not mine. When I want to be soft, supportive and sexy, I can turn on a dime. Either way I'm an independent thinker, an independent woman who has no problem carving my path and leaving everyone who doesn't like it in my dust! Life is about choices. Mine are Mine and yours are yours. So, stay home, go shopping, work, or work on your tan. Me..., I'm busy today. Find me chasing the sunset.