Paracord Survival Bracelet with Flint and Scraper Spartan


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Outdoor survival flint fire starter paracord rescue rope bracelet tactical bracelet with mini scraper.

The flint fire rod has a black protective coating which needs to be initially scraped off with the striker (stainless steel ring that rod goes through) Apply FULL and FAST force to slide the striker stainless steel ring against the fire starter rod toggle to create a spark. 550-7 Strand-Type III Military Grade - Paracord
Uses: Each of these Paracord Survival bracelets are made with over 8 feet of strong military grade 550 waterproof nylon paracord that, when needed for survival, can be used for many useful and life saving applications. They adjust from 7 to 11 inches long by sliding the cord. These are not only stylish but functional & essential for survival situations. Attach a pendant or any survival item necessary to the necklace or wear it as is, Features: -Super tough 4mm 550 paracord

Use it for: 1. Tying wood limbs or other materials together for shelter 2. Snares or traps 3. Fishing line 4. Anchor line 5. Sewing thread 6. Bow drill for starting fires 7. Cord for making a sling shot or Bow for arrows 8. Tie downs 9. Lanyard 10. Tourniquet 11. Sling 12. Splint 13.Tarp ridge lines 14. Securing gear 15. boot laces 16. hanging food 17. tie down for vehicle 18. Fixing broken equipment such as backpacks or gear bags 19 .attaching keys 20. 550 cord is often used by fishermen for long line fishing 21. Individual strands can be used as fishing line 22. String for a Bow and arrow 23. Tying crops to poles 24. Woven into a fishing net or toss net for fishing 25. Making snares for animals 26. A clothes line 27. Key chain lanyard 28. Anchor line for your boat 29. Replacing drawstrings in bags 30. dog leash 31. Changed into a Necklace 32. mend fabric 33. carrying items 34. Hang game 35. Make a perimeter trip line for warning 36. hammock 37. Whip