Doocy Bailey's Star Spangled Broken Arrow Brew

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Fresh out of Boot Camp, PVT Doocy Bailey was assigned to B Co 1/7 CAV and landed at LZ X-Ray in the la Drang Valley of Vietnam on 14 Nov 1965. The mission was to seek and destroy.

After departing the Huey Helicopter, B Company was ordered to recon an area opposite a dry creek bed. Bailey observed NVA Communists and his Platoon gave pursuit. The Platoon was soon separated from the rest of their Battalion and an intense firefight with the enemy ensued. Bailey's Platoon suffered great casualties, including the loss of their immediate leadership. The remaining soldiers were surrounded, greatly outnumbered, and cut off from any means of resupply or reinforcement. With the group about to succumb to physical exhaustion, Bailey remembered the Star Spangled Broken Arrow Brew he stuffed in the bottom of an ammo pouch before the mission. He poured the coffee into the last canteen of water, took one sip, and passed it to his fellow soldiers.

For the remainder of the night and throughout the following day, fueled by Star Spangled coffee, the team sustained the energy required to repel the enemy until reinforcements arrived. 8 oz.