Doocy Bailey's Star Spangled Joltin JP8 Brew (International)

Coffee City USA

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This coffee is an International Blend of signature blend coffee beans: an American and Viennese roasted blend with a rich and medium-bodied taste. 8 oz.


On January 16, 1991, CW4 Doocy Bailey was tasked with locating an allied pilot shot down over Southern Iraq. As his Blackhawk helicopter began running low on fuel, the crashed aircraft was spotted. Knowing they were the only chance for rescue of the pilot, Bailey and his crew decided to continue the mission. They located the pilot who was doing his best to evade the enemy, now closing in on him from all directions. The Blackhawk crew engaged the enemy until it ran out of fuel and was forced to make a hard landing.

On the ground, they acquired the injured pilot and set up hasty fighting positions and again engaged the enemy. The Republican Guard outnumbered the American troops 10-1 and were advancing. Bailey realized the only chance they had was to get the helicopter airborne. Remembering he still had a thermos of Star Spangled's Joltin' JP8 Brew, he quickly added the contents of the thermos to the helicopters empty fuel cell enabling all of them to escape an otherwise imminent capture by the Iraqi forces.