T69-T70 Outlaw Graphic Glossy Eagle Flag Half Helmet

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Advanced DOT Approved Polycarbonate Half Helmet Shell. Lightweight Helmet around 2lbs (32 ounces). Unique Polycarbonate materials allow for snug sleek fit on head; less bulky then normal helmets with maximum protection. Polycarbonate is the strongest group of thermoplastic polymers. Polycarbonate material provides a higher degree of protection and impact absorption. This half helmet maximizes safety and comfort. The ultimate open face helmet featuring:

  • New polycarbonate shell
  • Awesome new graphic designs
  • Removable button snap visor
  • Comes with lush comfort lining
  • Sleek thin padding only available on Polycarbonate helmets which have a higher degree of impact absorption then normal half helmets
  • Meets or exceeds DOT certification
  • Outlaw helmets are made to enhance the riding experience
  • Advanced DOT Approved Polycarbonate Shell Design Impact Absorbent Comfort Liner
  • Color: Glossy with various graphics
  • Black Adjustable Nylon Chin Strap
  • Less bulky then normal helmets with maximum protection
  • Lightweight Helmet around 2lbs (32 ounces)
  • Snug sleek fit on head