Pink Himalayan Salt Turkey Seasoning Egg

Salt Rox

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Salt Rox Seasoning Egg tenderizes large poultry such as turkey or wild game bird as you cook. Makes your bird as moist as brining without the bag, water, bucket or mess. Dry brining reduces your cooking time by as much as half. Pink Himalayan Salt has an extremely low porosity and virtually no residual moisture, thereby providing a small amount of surface area actually contacting your food during the cooking process. While the liquid content of the food does increase the salination process, the mineral content of the salt makes the flavor subtle and well rounded. Safety tested. 


  • Reduces cook time by half
  • Tenderizes food naturally while you cook
  • Naturally antimicrobial and easy to clean
  • Multi - use product
  • Safety Tested

Directions: Preheat Salt Rox Seasoning Egg to 400F degrees for 30 minutes. CAUTION: Egg will be hot! Carefully insert hot egg into bird and cook until it reaches recommended internal temperature. Let egg cool, clean with vegetable brush and pat dry.